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Non-Profit Foundation


Vitiligo Awareness International has been established to provide support to those who have a hard time dealing with the skin condition. The mission of our foundation is to guide this group through their journey in accepting their Vitiligo.  At this moment approximately 1-3 % of the world population has been diagnosed with this skin condition. People with this skin condition handle their changing appearances in different ways. Unfortunately, many tend to have negative feelings because of their Vitiligo. These feeling may differ from a negative self-image, suicidal thoughts, anti-social behavior or may even expierence severe (online) bullying. 

We have chosen to focus on this group; because everyone is worthy, no matter how different and unique someone is. With the foundation we want to support, guide and accompany them, to change their mindset to positive thoughts, feelings and experiences.



Limited Edition

We are proud to be the only foundation who designs annual calendars including only people with Vitiligo.

Get inspired by 12 new beautiful faces everyday of every month. We ship the calendars worldwide and the money will be used to create new calendars for 2023.

Support us and get your calendar now!