International Model - Speaker - Life Coach - Chairman



Born in The Hague, Netherlands (31).

Getting diagnosed with a skin condition such as vitiligo used to be my biggest curse as I used to see it at the age of 14. Not knowing how to deal with this skin condition where my beautiful skin began to lose it's natural pigmentation. At that time there was hardly anything known about vitiligo and I was left without any proper help or guidance.

With years of hard work, mental progressions and strong dedication I finally was able to come in terms with the skin condition.

Since 2019 I received the opportunity to be a model with vitiligo and inspire other people. A chance and a beautiful opportunity with a purpose. Meanwhile I've had wonderful collaborations with small and big brands, been on tv, radio, podcasts, magazines and newspapers several times.

In 2020 I noticed that there was much more awareness needed towards vitiligo and so I decided to start a non-profit foundation called Vitiligo Awareness International with the purpose to raise more awareness about this skin condition worldwide.

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